Featured Success Story

I greatly appreciate having you be part of my IVF journey!

Our IVF journey started July 2019. We did not have a good experience with the first fertility clinic we went to. So, then my husband and I decided to go on a trip back home to the Philippines and try getting pregnant naturally even though I knew I had half a uterus with a blocked tube. I tried native Filipino massages called “Hilot,” only to come back to Vancouver not pregnant.


Pregnancy can FEEL WONDERFUL!

I always knew I wanted acupuncture as part of my wellness treatments during pregnancy knowing I am still working on some past traumas and previous back injuries that would affect my pregnancy. Then COVID happened! The added anxiety on top of dealing with a recent pregnancy loss was all too much for me.

Your pain treatment with Acupuncture and LLLT was a saving grace!

I wanted to share a recent letter we received from a patient who was experiencing acute, severe jaw and tooth pain.  She came for a series of Acupuncture and Laser (LLLT - Low Level Light Therapy) treatments to decrease inflammation and improve cellular health. 

Hello Ryan-What a nice surprise to receive your message! I can’t tell you how much I have been thinking of everyone at Acubalance. I hope you are all well and coping through...

I have definitely found that our e-visit was helpful!

Hi Dr. K,   Thank you for your follow up!  

If you need support during this time, I highly recommend you try the TeleHealth platform out!

I had my first telehealth visit with Dr. MacIsaac and was curious as to how it would work. Not only was the platform very easy to use, it felt like I was sitting right in front of her - just like when I visit her in the clinic. She followed up with an online document that I can view at any time as well as sent me a link to order my supplements. The online system is seamless. And of course, Dr. K is so amazing in her knowledge and care which...

Thank you Dr. Kali for being just as present as you would be had we met in person

Hi Dr. K! Thanks for the Telehealth visit! I found the session only lacked one thing and that was your usual urine/saliva/blood check on my acidity and cortisol levels. I always like getting that immediate information when I see you in the clinic. It also feels specialised, something that is unique and not commonly offered. I understand though that this is impossible at this time! However, everything else that we covered felt just as valuable...

I look back and remember those days where I thought we would never be parents. It is definitely possible when you are in good care!

My husband and I were quite hopeless after trying for over a year and not being able to conceive.  We had seen great comments from others working with Ryan and were thrilled to meet him.

My Experience At Acubalance Has Been Truly One Of a Kind

My experience at Acubalance has been truly one of a kind.  Even though personally and physically I was going through a difficult time with infertility and a diagnosis of adenomyosis.  Dr. Ryan Funk made each visit comfortable and a positive experience. He was the encouraging voice I listened too especially through some of my darkest moments.  Dr.

Partial Tear of the Right Shoulder Tendon

Last winter my shoulder was injured; a partial tear of the right shoulder tendon. It was very painful and I could not raise my arm high enough to do my hair. My doctor told me this just happens as we get older and react to injury, unofficially calling it "50 year old woman's disease". He told me I might never get my full range of motion back because tendon doesn't regenerate. I cried, did some googling of my own, and then cried some more....

Acubalance Gave Me Hope That I Could Get Pregnant!

Good morning,

I have been meaning to send a quick email to say thank you to the Acubalance team. Over the last few years, I have been coming to the clinic and I wanted to share my story and just say thanks for everything.

I wanted to say that I am very grateful for the services and practitioners at Acubalance as not only did they give me hope that I could get pregnant but also helped me resolve several other health issues.