Stage 4 Endo: I Saw An Improvement With Pain And The Bloating

Getting poked with needles? No thanks! That’s why I avoided acupuncture. Some find that funny, as I’m a Registered Nurse but as I always tell my patients, I don’t mind giving needles; I just don’t like to receive them! I was suffering from stage 4 Endometriosis and had also been diagnosed with Adenomyosis. The medications I had been prescribed were not working and I did not know what to try next. My cousin highly recommended Acubalance Wellness Centre so 3 years ago, I put my fear of needles aside and started coming here. I’m glad I did, with stage 4 endo: I saw improvement with pain and the bloating.

My top 3 problems were daily pain, nausea, and infertility when I began my treatment with Acubalance. The clinic has an amazing team of doctors. I started with the intent of improving my fertility and helping my Endometriosis pain. It was through Acubalance I learned about the anti-inflammatory diet and began to try Chinese Herbs. They may not taste the greatest but when I do take them consistently, I notice a change in my body and energy levels. With the diet, I saw an improvement in pain, and the bloating I constantly had decreased as well.

Acupuncture was helping manage some of my symptoms but the Endometriosis was becoming more severe. I had surgery at the end of 2016 and restarted my sessions again in early 2017. I had a post-op complication of neuropathic pain in my right leg and I did not want to take medication for it. After 3 sessions, my neuropathic pain was gone. It was truly amazing. Even though pregnancy is no longer my goal, I continue to receive treatment weekly for my persistent nausea, leg pain, headaches, cramps, fatigue, and whatever else the week may bring for me. They note down changes, draw connections, and customize each treatment. I find each session extremely relaxing, a time to de-stress and focus on myself. My team and I have discussed mindfulness and its positive effects on not just fertility through stress relief but also just feeling better overall. It is such a great idea to understand and acknowledge the effects stress has on our bodies.

As for myself, I am going to continue with my weekly Acupuncture and am looking into their Low Level Laser Therapy program to further help with the pain. Although I work in a field that is ruled by Western medication, I am a believer in alternative medication and know from personal experience the many benefits it holds.

Roop Bassra

BSc in Psychology, BSc in Nursing