Pregnant In Under One Year!

To all the staff at Acubalance Wellness Center,

My husband and I send you a note of our gratitude with special thanks to Ryan. After meeting him, he gave us hope with his faith and knowledge of this healing art. Before meeting Ryan, my husband and I were skeptical about whether or not this treatment could help us to conceive a baby but after meeting him, we couldn’t help but put our trust in him. Although we weren’t one of the lucky couples with quick results, we stuck it out with multiple courses of formula and acupuncture sessions, and we were pregnant in under one year.  Was it the relaxing spa-like atmosphere? Was it the formula that helped re-regulate my body from the inside out?  My husband and I can’t say for certain but what we do know is that we have a lot of wonderful times to look forward to as well as some painting and decorating in preparation for our little one’s birth.

Thanks again!