Our Son Is A Miracle Baby!

I wanted to say from both my husband and I THANK YOU so much for all your support and encouragement during the most difficult time in our lives. After the failed IVF I didn’t know how I was going to carry forward. You both were so encouraging to me. I am ever so grateful to have met you both and to have you be a part of my journey to conceive. As I prepared for round two of IVF I didn’t know how I would gather myself to try again. I am ever so blessed to have conceived naturally the month before attempting another IVF and I know without your guidance, support, and encouragement that would not have happened. Our son is a miracle baby in many ways. He has brought tremendous joy to both of our families!
Looking back at the last two years and the journey it took to get here… All the tears, the pain, and the sorrow during those times are completely made up for when I hold him and look into his eyes! What a journey! From surgery to remove endometriosis, a cyst, a polyp, and hormonal imbalances … I can’t believe where we are today.

 All the trips from Mission to Vancouver for the (Acubalance acupuncture) appointments! I don’t miss the car ride but I definitely miss how relaxed I felt after my appointments!

Thank you for making me feel like there was hope during the times when I felt so frustrated, sad, and anxious. Thank you for listening to me when I needed someone to share my thoughts. Thank you for the help and the treatments. I have no other words to explain how grateful I am to have met both of you! I definitely miss seeing you guys. You have been on my mind for the past few weeks, I just haven’t had the chance to send an email!

Please pass on a huge Thank You to the (Acubalance) staff. No matter who else I saw when you guys were away, everyone was so helpful. I never felt anxious that another doctor of TCM had stepped in! You all work so great as a team! The front staff was always welcoming and helpful! It never felt like I was in a doctor’s office!!

There were times I may have come with a heavy heart but I always left feeling like there was hope, that I would be successful and that our baby would arrive! Thank you for continually lifting me up on those days when I was completely burnt out. You guys gave me hope, strength, and the willpower to get through. I couldn’t have done this without you guys.
Thank you for believing in me and for the work you do!