Two Birds with One Laser (LLLT)

Because of the nature of my previous job I developed chronic soreness and sometimes sharp pain in my right shoulder which resulted in a limited range of motion, this has persisted since 2010 (8 years).  Another concern is plantar fasciitis on my right foot. This started a year ago in 2017. Acubalance helped tackle two birds with one laser (LLLT).

I had treatments with Physio, acupuncture, and regular visits with my RMT.  But only to avail temporary relief of some pain.  I was looking for a treatment that will give me more permanent results and long-term pain relief.

In early December of 2018, I had a conversation with Dr. Lorne Brown about my shoulder and foot concerns and he suggested having a few sessions of LLLT (low level laser therapy) as he has seen good results using it in his Acubalance practice.  He informed me that this treatment helps with inflammatory problems as well as accelerates the healing of injured tissues and cells.

To my pleasant surprise, I felt an immediate release of tense muscle on my right shoulder with my initial treatment of laser acupuncture (LLLT/photobiomodulation).  Lorne also applied LLLT over my cervical spine since he said these nerves innervate my shoulder and will assist in pain relief and healing.  I felt that the affected area was sore for just the first few hours after treatment but the following day I noticed that the aches on my shoulder were less and the pain on the sole of my foot when I walk was reduced.  After my second treatment with Alison at Acubalance, I was finally able to do a full range of motion on my right shoulder for the first time in 8 years.  Then after the 3rd treatment with Bronwyn at Acubalance, my shoulder felt normal and plantar fasciitis was now from pain of 7 now down to 3.  After my 4th treatment, I felt a big difference in my gait, it’s now more relaxed and less laborious.  My shoulder is now free of the constant aches that I have had to live with for the past 8 years and it took just two weeks and 4 laser treatments to offer relief from 8 years of pain and reduced mobility.