Astonishing News – We’ve Achieved Our First Natural Pregnancy!

My husband and I had been trying to start our family for seven years when we first contacted Acubalance. After unsuccessfully pursuing fertility treatment in Calgary, now both 35 years old, we decided to try a fertility clinic in Vancouver and learned of Acubalance through them. Before coming to Vancouver, I arranged a series of appointments at Acubalance concurrent with my IVF cycle. I also saw an acupuncturist in Calgary who participates in professional development with Acubalance. With this program of treatment, I felt positive and supported by the knowledge that I was doing all I could do. Further, I knew there would be continuity between Calgary and Vancouver. With their help, we have astonishing news – we achieved our first natural pregnancy!

After ten months of leave from work, one fibroid removal, one ovarian cyst drainage, two IVF cycles, and one miscarriage, there was still no baby. Intent on giving our next (and perhaps last) IVF attempt our very best shot, Dr Ryan Funk. worked with me and my Calgary acupuncturist to apply TCM and “The Making Babies” approach to my situation. We decided to take our time. I followed the recommendations to the letter, and as always had tremendous encouragement and emotional support from Acubalance. Anticipating a good period after one month of treatment, I was disappointed but accepting of the fact that my cycle was irregular yet again. Before embarking on a course of Chinese herbs to get things moving, I took a pregnancy test. I absolutely hated home pregnancy tests at that point. Then at 5:00 am, astonishing news… we’d achieved our first natural pregnancy!

I’m happy to say that our pregnancy went great and we now have a wonderful, healthy baby boy in our lives.  Finally! Thank you, Acubalance!