I Wholeheartedly Recommend Acubalance!

Ever since I was a child, I easily became dizzy on car rides and boat rides. Over the past five years, I’ve noticed that condition worsening. I saw two different ear nose and throat specialists so, neither of them could find anything that was functionally wrong. Even finding a diagnosis, let alone a solution, proved impossible because I did not have the typical motion sickness symptoms of queasy stomach and vomiting.

It got to the point where even driving myself in a car was likely to create at least a bit of dizziness for me. My family doctor suggested that it couldn’t hurt to try acupuncture, and a dear friend recommended Dr. Brown to me. He came up with a treatment protocol involving low-level laser therapy in my ears and supporting points, which was complimented by traditional acupuncture.

After a couple of weeks, I started noticing some incremental improvements, and after six weeks my condition was 50% better! I told Dr. Brown that even a 10% improvement would significantly improve my quality of life, but I never would have dreamed that the treatment would make it possible for me to sit comfortably in a moving vehicle driven by someone else and not become dizzy.

I am incredibly thankful to Dr. Brown and Allison for their excellent standard of care and helping me solve a problem that mainstream medicine could not offer any solutions to. I wholeheartedly recommend Acubalance! — SM