Improved Menstrual Cycle And Pregnancy

Improved menstrual cycle and pregnancy! My Acubalance journey started in May 2013.  My periods had been extremely painful since my early 20s and were getting more unbearable every year.  My husband and I were still struggling to conceive after more than 2 years of actively trying. At 38, I knew our chances of ever having a baby were diminishing.  By chance, I saw an announcement on Facebook for a workshop on improving egg quality and fertility presented by Lorne and convinced my husband to attend with me. Everything we heard at that talk made sense and filled us with hope. 
We started working with Ryan, changed our diet, had weekly acupuncture, and started taking herbs. They didn’t taste great, but I stayed focused on my goal of improving my menstrual cycle.  Changes happened almost immediately and within a few months, my periods had improved immensely. They went from 2 days of intense pain, nausea and heavy bleeding to manageable pain and lighter flow. My periods hadn’t been that good in literally 25 years! 
I continued to see Ryan as we worked on our next goal of getting pregnant. His support supplemented our fertility treatments, and we got pregnant on our first round of treatment.  We are expecting our first baby in March 2015. I strongly believe that my improved menstrual cycle and pregnancy would have been possible without the support of our team at Acubalance.