Improved Egg Quality!

After my first attempt at IVF failed due to poor egg quality and quantity, I asked my OBGYN what I could do before I started my second round to prepare my body and increase my fertility. He suggested that I try acupuncture and referred me to Dr. Brown’s clinic Acubalance. I had tried acupuncture previously at a different clinic for unrelated reasons and had an unpleasant and unsuccessful experience, so I was a little nervous going for my first treatment at Acubalance. Dr. Brown and his staff put me immediately at ease. Each treatment, they took the time to discuss with me how things were going and always ensured I was comfortable. I am so excited to say my second round of IVF was a huge success with excellent quantity and improved egg quality and I now have a beautiful baby boy. Thank you, Dr. Brown and everyone at Acubalance!