Surprised To Have Trouble Falling Pregnant Again

I was 40 years with a high risk of preeclampsia when I first met Dr Ryan Funk. But my story begins at age 38 when we decided to have our first child. I conceived in the first month of trying so I was surprised to have trouble falling pregnant again – even at a “mature” age. After five months of trying, I went online to do some research and I was mortified to learn about the massive decline in fertility after age 35. Perhaps I was in denial about my age but I just did not believe that it was impossible to have another baby – particularly after my first was so easy.

However, I still panicked! We decided to do all we could to conceive again, naturally. That is when I found Acubalance. Right from the moment I met Ryan, I liked him. This was surprising because of his initial advice to me! He suggested I radically change my diet, break up with coffee and wine, go dairy-free, and more “terrifying” ideas! I followed his suggestions religiously. Any advice Ryan gave me, I followed. He is an expert in his field and a really nice guy. I could discuss everything with him from cervical mucus to quinoa recipes!

I saw Ryan twice per week whenever possible and continued acupuncture during the week in the downstairs clinic. Aside from acupuncture and dietary change, I charted my temperature, my CM, intercourse frequency, and did daily 5 minute meditation. And, in the fourth month at Acubalance, I fell pregnant. I remember telling the lovely office manager that Ryan got me pregnant – which horrified my husband in the waiting room! But I was just so excited and so grateful to Ryan that I was bursting with the news!

But my story does not end here. I had severe preeclampsia during my first pregnancy and delivered at 32 weeks. I almost died. One known aspect of preeclampsia is that the placenta does not form properly and this can lead to a dangerous and life-threatening condition for both mother and baby. So it was of paramount importance that I do all I could to ensure a well-formed and well-stuck placenta during the first trimester especially. Ryan could help with this so I continued acupuncture as long as I could. We juggled our toddler, work, multiple preeclampsia specialists until I was bed bound with home nursing. The specialists were amazed that I made it to 36 weeks – four crucial weeks further than my firstborn. I still had preeclampsia but it was mild and I spent three days in the hospital instead of two weeks. And, best of all, I could take my baby home with me instead of leaving her in the neonatal ward for 37 days like my firstborn. We will forever be grateful to Ryan and the team at Acubalance. Not just for helping us conceive and build a strong placenta, but for all the genuine friendship and support.

To all you older ladies – don’t believe the hype. Stop poisoning your mind with negative statistics online as I did. Get healthy, be positive, and commit to acupuncture. Better yet, just go and see Dr. Ryan Funk!