Using Moxibustion And Acupuncture To Turn Breech Baby

I came to the clinic in early September when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. She was diagnosed as breech by my midwife and I was encouraged to try Moxibustion treatment to turn her. My first child, a son, was an undiagnosed breech presentation and I had to undergo an emergency cesarean section for his birth. Having had a negative birth experience and not wanting to undergo major abdominal surgery for a second time, I was happy to try moxibustion. The treatment was complimented by acupuncture. I had one treatment and I felt her turn immediately following the session. My husband continued moxibustion treatments with me in the comfort of our home, once every third day for the next month. On September 28, I went into spontaneous labour and delivered our daughter on September 29. She was head down on delivery and I recovered well.