Natural Pregnancy With PCOS

Thank you Dr Kali MacIssac! You help me have a natural pregnancy with PCOS!

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) in early 2012. This was no surprise to me as I had experienced many of the symptoms for years from the age of 16 on: trouble with weight loss, hormonal acne, severe PMS, insomnia, high stress levels, irregular periods (no period at all for 9 months and 6 months at a time), severe emotional inconsistency, constant mood swings and mild depression to name a few.

Since my diagnosis in 2012, my main goals were to improve my hormonal imbalance, address the PCOS symptoms and to prep my body for being able to conceive naturally within a few years’ time. I have been seeing Naturopathic Doctors since 2012 to address my PCOS naturally. I have been on a number of different supplements and tinctures paired with a diet that is gluten free, dairy free, high protein/high fats and low GI for a few years now. While the diet change and supplements have helped my symptoms immensely, I still thought I would have a really difficult time conceiving and was worried about it.

In December 2015, my husband and I decided to try to have a baby. At this time, we weren’t going to be actively trying, we were more so going the route of not, not trying. This way, we hoped that not putting pressure and stress on ourselves would help. I started seeing Dr. Kali MacIsaac as my Naturopathic Doctor in December 2015. She changed a few of the supplements that I was currently on from a previous Naturopathic Doctor, added a few new ones, provided me with Acupuncture and reminded me to follow my PCOS diet mentioned above but to not stress about it and ensure that I was following it 80% of the time. Dr. MacIsaac also addressed what I didn’t realize at the time was an early miscarriage that happened mid-January and wasn’t aware of. This really helped me understand what was going on in my body and gave me closure to what I experienced and wasn’t aware of before her diagnosis.

On February 26, 2016 I thought I had a bad flu, but my husband asked me to take a pregnancy test just in case. Low and behold, it was positive! We both didn’t believe it. I went out and got another urine test and then even did a blood test to confirm. It turns out, I was already 5 weeks pregnant at this time. Being able to conceive when only trying for under 2 months’ time is totally unheard of for anyone with PCOS! My Midwife refers to me as “The Poster Child for PCOS.”

I strongly believe Dr. MacIsaac’ s expertise, acupuncture skills and realistic/attainable approach to naturopathic medicine is the perfect mix. She is also a fabulous counselor who listens and provides valuable advice for dealing with the symptoms and emotions that come along with PCOS.

I am 22 weeks pregnant today with a healthy baby girl on the way – I totally attribute our success story to Dr. MacIsaac’ s recommendations and I urge anyone else who is trying to conceive naturally to see Dr. MacIsaac.

Thank you for everything