Sperm Count Increase By 70%

Submitted by a client of ours who’s sperm count increased by 70%! I have male-factor fertility issues with regard to motility, morphology, and count. I decided to seek alternative medical help and consult with Dr. Ryan Funk at Acubalance. He started me with a 3-week detox cleanse and acupuncture 1/week. Upon completion of the cleanse, I began taking supplements which included a multivitamin, coQ10, and pro EPA.

After six months of treatment with Acubalance, the following results occurred:

  • Sperm count increased by 70%
  • Motility increased by 35%
  • Total motile count doubled

There was no change in morphology; however, when the sperm were placed in a wash (for prescreening for ICSI), the percentage of motile sperm recovered increased from 5.8% to 72% and the recovery rating went from poor to good recovery. I firmly believe that acupuncture helped us conceive our daughter and overall I found this to be a great experience.