My Experience At Acubalance Has Been Truly One Of A Kind

My experience at Acubalance has been truly one of a kind.  Even though personally and physically I was going through a difficult time with infertility and a diagnosis of adenomyosis.  Dr. Ryan Funk made each visit comfortable and a positive experience. He was the encouraging voice I listened to, especially through some of my darkest moments.  Dr. Funk always made time at each appointment to answer my questions and concerns, which was extremely helpful.  I stayed on course and continued with acupuncture weekly and Dr. Funk’s recommendations.  When it was time to undergo my first IVF transfer, my transfer was a success!

I believe this had a lot to do with how relaxed I felt due to being committed to my appointments with Dr. Funk because I knew if things didn’t go as planned he would continue to work with me and be that positive voice I needed.  It is very easy to get discouraged but having a great support team at Acubalance honestly kept my spirits and hopes up.  This team at Acubalance included Tanya, who made each appointment feel personal and so welcoming. 

It is individuals like Dr. Funk and Tanya that truly make a difference.