Trying For Six Months To Conceive

After trying for 6 months to conceive our first child, and finding out there was no obvious medical reason for not being able to conceive, my husband and I felt there would be no harm in speaking to Lorne Brown in Vancouver about Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

I knew doctors would tell me there was no cause for concern, and wouldn’t send me to a specialist before a year of trying. That’s fine, but I couldn’t imagine having to wait that long. I had already done a few months of charting. We’re in Toronto, so we spoke to Lorne on the phone, who was very reassuring. He asked me to fill out some consult forms and send him my BBT charts. Within a few days, he called back with his diagnosis – nothing major, just a few “tweaks” and he felt we’d be able to conceive within a few months.

He sent me a variety of Chinese herbs in tea form he said would optimize my reproductive health. It tasted vile, but I followed the instructions and also went for acupuncture in Toronto to a colleague he recommended. He consulted with my Toronto acupuncturist about point prescriptions and treatment frequency. Only one cycle of herbs and some acupuncture and magically we got pregnant! We were shocked, and I’m convinced that Lorne’s approach and the Chinese medicine played a big part in our getting pregnant. Our baby is due in early January, 2006.

We’re so excited!

Thank you, Lorne!