Acupuncture And Herbs Helped After Three Years Of Infertility

At the age of 35, my husband and I finally decided that it was time to start a family. After three years of trying, we were still unsuccessful. We did all the testing with our family doctor, who found no reason for infertility. I did three rounds of Clomid which did not work. I then decided to contact Dr. Lorne Brown at the encouragement of my best friend. I started to receive regular acupuncture treatments, refined my supplement and dietary regimen, and took herbal remedies formulated specifically for me under Dr. Brown’s guidance. After one month of seeing Dr. Brown, I became pregnant for the first time in my life. Ten weeks into the pregnancy, I, unfortunately, experienced a miscarriage, which was devastating, but with the support of Dr. Brown and my community, I processed the miscarriage very well. Three months later, my husband and I felt ready to try again. I again went back to Dr. Brown for acupuncture and herbal treatments, and again in a month, I became pregnant. Today I am so happy to have my little son Thomas in my life; he is a joy. Acupuncture and herbs helped after three years of infertility.

Given the timing of my pregnancies, I have to believe that acupuncture and herbal treatments were the keys to helping balance my body to become pregnant.  I am so grateful for the wisdom, determination, and compassion that the Acubalance team has. Acupuncture used in conjunction with individualized herbal formulas really works to assist with fertility issues.

About two weeks before I learned that I was pregnant for the second time, I had an acupuncture treatment where I was also treated to an acutonics treatment at Acubalance. Acutonics is a form of sound healing and uses tuning forks placed onto specific acupuncture points during treatment. The practitioner chose different points over my body, but the one area that really resonated deeply with me was over my heart chakra. On my drive home after the session, I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and openness, and peace. The leaves and sky and ocean seemed to sparkle more brightly in the morning sunshine. I actually had tears streaming down my face — for the pregnancy that I had lost but also joy for the future. This was an unusual experience for me, and then to find out two weeks later that I was pregnant…. I have to say that the power of Acubalance’s treatments goes beyond the physical, addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms as well. This is all necessary, I believe when working towards manifesting a new life in this world. I am grateful.