After 3.5 Years, We Finally Had Success With Acupuncture!!!

After 11 months of trying, I went to doctors, who started me on Clomid and a sugar/carb free diet. After 10 months of this, I tried a Naturopath, who had me on natural tablets and an un-processed food diet. After no luck and a lot of friends getting pregnant, we ended up moving to a new place and I tried to relax. 

When my little sister had an accidental pregnancy, I decided to start IVF. After 14 months of treatment: two retrievals, 10 transfers and one failed pregnancy, we ended up moving again- to a different country!! Then my best friend fell pregnant! This convinced me to try something altogether new, so I tried Acubalance!!!

I went to one appointment around the time of ovulation and continued to have weekly appointments until we found out a few weeks later that we were pregnant!!!!! I was so surprised I brought my doctor flowers and couldn’t thank her enough!!!! I continued treatment as recommended by the clinic until I was in the clear!!!

I am 23 weeks pregnant and everything is going so well!! Acubalance has changed our life forever! And given us the miracle we have wished for so many years!!!!