Partial Tear Of The Right Shoulder Tendon

Last winter my shoulder was injured; a partial tear of the right shoulder tendon. It was very painful and I could not raise my arm high enough to do my hair. My doctor told me this just happens as we get older and react to injury, unofficially calling it “50 year old woman’s disease”. He told me I might never get my full range of motion back because tendon doesn’t regenerate. I cried, did some googling of my own, and then cried some more. Google said you can’t do much during the first stage because it’s too painful. I already knew it hurt a lot, and medication offered little help.

The next day, however, I went to Acubalance. Not only did they tell me it could be fixed, but that one of their doctors had recovered fully from the same problem. My own research indicated the next step was steroid shots. Acubalance recommended acupuncture and laser treatments twice a week. From the first session, my pain was reduced, and by week four the pain had gone away. After two months we switched to bi-weekly visits, and every time I could feel my range of motion increasing. 

Now I can exercise and do physiotherapy; my physiotherapist is impressed with my progress. The doctors at Acubalance helped me heal when I had little hope. I am not in pain and I can go about my daily life.

Thank you, Acubalance.