Incorporating Acupuncture Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

Where do I begin?  Well, let’s start with how I got here to Acubalance and how incorporating acupuncture was the best decision I ever made! I was 39 turning 40 with the continued dream of having a family. My husband and I have had several speed bumps in our journey (6 yrs) which include failed IFM (in follicle maturation – IFM), and several rounds of IVF, all of which have left us disappointed, frustrated, and with my biological clock still ticking.  

I was referred to Acubalance by my Fertility Specialist to help improve egg quality before our next attempt at IVF. Like most that have had fertility issues, I have been tested and poked like a pin-cushion so I was hesitant about undergoing acupuncture. Besides fertility issues, I had managed to develop Diabetes (Type II – taking insulin to control sugar levels), which was now another speed bump in my journey. So, as I sat waiting to meet Dr. Ryan Funk, I was thinking to myself “How can this guy help me? Haven’t I tried it all?”  Well, I was wrong, very wrong!  

Ryan and the Acubalance team gave me a new outlook on life and got me back on track to health and wellness, which ultimately will help me achieve balance. Ryan was a wealth of information and provided me with more tools than I ever thought possible. Ryan was genuinely interested in my health, & my journey. We strategized a game plan to optimize my health with the end goal being increased fertility. 

Dr. Funk introduced me to the benefits of acupuncture plus the support and strength that I needed as I ventured ahead. Ryan not only treated me but extended his knowledge base and showed me relaxation techniques, recommended supplements, books, and websites that would challenge me to learn more and gain confidence in myself again. At the end of each session, I would feel relaxed and full of hope, happiness, and confidence that I can do this.  He continually checked in with me via email and always made himself available for questions or concerns. His knowledge of fertility and health gave me the skills to improve my health.

I am proud to say that I am now off Diabetic Insulin thanks to Ryan. I put in the hard work and it has paid off big time in all aspects of my life. There were days when I struggled but I could always rely on Ryan to be positive and help me regain my focus. My diet and lifestyle have changed allowing me to lose weight, and regulate my cycles along with my blood sugar. I feel stronger both mentally and physically with acupuncture than with any other form of treatment thus far. Believe me when I say there have been many!

My journey will continue with the end result being increased fertility and hopefully pregnancy. One thing I can say for sure is that meeting Ryan and incorporating acupuncture was the best decision I ever made and I am sure whoever reads this will feel the same way. Thank you, Ryan, for being who you are and providing me with the best thing I could have ever hoped:  “belief in my own journey!”