My Husband And I Struggled With Unexplained Infertility

For more than three years, my husband and I struggled with unexplained infertility. We underwent every available medical test and turned to a series of increasingly drastic fertility treatments. When IVF and two subsequent cryogenic cycles failed, we began to wonder if we would ever be blessed with children of our own. Then I heard about acupuncture as a potential option.

Initially, I was skeptical – why hadn’t we heard about it before? Would it really work? How it could work when everything else had failed? I did some investigation and found two things: first, every western medical professional I asked about acupuncture told me that it did work. Second, three of these professionals, in three different cities, all recommended Lorne Brown. Not wanting to get my hopes up, I jokingly referred to this new style of treatment as my “witch doctor” phase. Still, I stalled a bit. I visited a naturopath and made arrangements to begin a much lower level of assisted therapy than I’d been on before. After another disappointment, I finally went to Lorne Brown.

I was in the middle of an IUI cycle, but Lorne was very comfortable supporting this Western therapy with acupuncture. Almost immediately, my body felt different after the treatments. And you could have knocked me over with a feather when I discovered I was pregnant just a few weeks later! Clearly, not everyone will experience such immediate results. I fully expected to undergo at least six months of treatment. But the bottom line for my husband and me is that we’re finally going to be parents. And I am absolutely convinced that if I hadn’t gone to Lorne Brown for treatment, I wouldn’t be decorating a nursery right now.