Told Not Likely To Conceive Until I Tried Laser Acupuncture For Fertility

After being told by my Vancouver IVF clinic that it was very unlikely I would ever conceive, that I had low egg reserve, and that they couldn’t help us with any fertility assistance, I found myself awfully saddened and distraught by the news.  Then I found Acubalance.  Not only was I welcomed with warm hearts and caring voices, I felt like someone was listening and was not only wanting to help but, ready to cheer me on!

I accepted their advice, and after doing some homework began to add laser light therapy (LLLT for fertility) to my acupuncture sessions. I was never told that anything would cure infertility, nor would it guarantee a pregnancy, but what I did want from this therapy was assistance in bettering my egg quality. I wanted to make sure my body, my eggs, and my female bits were ready to go!  

And, after only 2 months, we had the incredible news that we are pregnant. Shocking, exciting, scary, and thrilling all at once!! But comforting to know that I have Acubalance helping me along this path to make sure I am physically ready for what’s to come.

I’m SO glad I found Acubalance and that I started my sessions before this incredible news came to us. I share with you in hopes of giving you the nudge you need to get started too.