Canceled Back Surgery Thanks To Laser Acupuncture

I wanted to update you that I have canceled my back surgery thanks to laser acupuncture that was originally scheduled for July 25th!!!

My symptoms have improved significantly over the last little while. While in Vancouver, I experienced several days of no pain and increased mobility in my low back following the acupuncture and laser sessions with you at Acubalance. I’m happy to report that since continuing acupuncture treatments back at home in Toronto, I no longer have any numbness in toes and experience much less discomfort in my low back and right leg, as well as longer periods during the day where I don’t notice any discomfort at all!!

I believe that the combination of cold laser therapy (LLLT) with acupuncture, as well as a new personal training program I’m on have helped me get to a much better place of health, and I am so grateful that I had an opportunity to receive your expert care while in Vancouver!!

I am now confident that I will eventually be able to get even more stability and range of movement with these approaches and hopefully return to several of the activities I love to do!

So, thank you so much for all your help! I feel very fortunate to have received cold laser + acupuncture treatments at Acubalance from you while I was in Vancouver as it was a real game-changer for me on my path to healing. I was already a believer in Chinese medicine, but this has made me that much more passionate about what we do!

Wishing you a great summer and road ahead!!