At The Age Of 43 I Was Told That Both My Tubes Were Blocked.

At the age of 43, I was told that both my tubes were blocked. After much discussion, my partner, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and I opted to try in vitro fertilization. We also decided to see Lorne Brown in order to maximize my chances of a successful outcome. At the ultrasound when they were retrieving the follicles, I was told that my follicle count was too low and that because of my age, that count would only get worse, so it was now or never. With only two viable embryos, the chances of success would be low but we decided to try anyway.

I went to Lorne for a few treatments in the time leading up to the actual in vitro procedure. On the day of the procedure, I went in to see Lorne, who gave me a treatment to calm me and make me ready to receive the fertilized eggs. I actually fell asleep during this treatment and went to the clinic feeling very much at ease. Immediately after, I went back to see Lorne for a second treatment to calm my uterine contractions to provide a calm environment for the two embryos to implant. At my age, they would have liked to place four embryos but for me, they only had two that were fertilized.

The two-week wait after the transfer was hard but, against all odds, I did get pregnant! Unfortunately, as so often happens with pregnancy, I miscarried after seven weeks. I was unsure whether I could go through with another in vitro procedure but I knew that I would maybe want to give it another try. Lorne was very positive and said he felt that my follicle count could most definitely increase with herbs and acupuncture to balance and strengthen my constitution. I decided to take the herbs Lorne prescribed and get acupuncture in my hometown. He felt that after a few months of treatment, I would be ready again for a second round of in vitro.I had to take different sets of herbs during different phases of my menstrual period. The set from ovulation to the start of my flow was starting to get low and I realized that I had been taking them for 40 days. I called Lorne and asked if the herbs could be delaying my period and he suggested that I take a home pregnancy test. I thought that he was nuts; after all, I had blocked tubes! [But] miraculously I was pregnant!!!!

We still don’t know how this came to be. Perhaps the doctors had been wrong and my tubes were never blocked in the first place. Perhaps the first pregnancy opened up my tubes. Perhaps the herbs unblocked the tubes and allowed the energy to flow. I may never know but I do know that I am now pregnant and expecting my first child and I feel that Chinese Medicine and Lorne’s contribution and care has played an important role in our new family.