Pregnancy-Related Back Pain

I had suffered for the first four months of my pregnancy with severe back pain. I could not sit for longer than three minutes without needing to stand up or lie down due to the discomfort in my back. Eating-out became a nightmare and I often would have to stand as I could not sit down at all. I even had to stretch-out on the floor of my office – my back hurt like hell. I had tried chiropractic care and massage therapy and neither gave me enough relief. My midwife suggested I go see Lorne Brown for acupuncture. He was booked the day I called but he was great in finding the time to fit me in after I had explained to him the amount of pain I was in and that I was unable to wait another day.

I couldn’t even lie on his treatment table. He arranged me as comfortable as possible using pillows for support. I was not sure what to expect, which made me a bit nervous, but I as hurting so bad I felt I had no other choice. It actually helped and that night I slept for eight hours straight for the first time in three months. I had three other sessions – it worked, period. I would recommend Lorne to any pregnant woman experiencing back pain. Don’t suffer when you can use acupuncture for relief. I was impressed with his technique and his efficiency – only three treatments. I would go back if needed for any other pregnancy concerns.