The Conception Journey: A Frame Of Mind

It has been almost three months since I started seeing Lorne after trying for almost a year to conceive. Here is my story – the conception journey: a frame of mind. I seemed healthy and yet I felt helpless and perplexed about my fertility. I’m a decent age (32), maintain a healthy weight, eat nutritiously and enjoy wine occasionally, exercise and sleep generously, and have a wonderful husband of seven years — all I could think was “why am I not pregnant like so many women I know right now?” Since then I have transitioned to feeling empowered, energetic, and positive in my ability to conceive and am enjoying life even more.

I arrived at my first appointment wanting information, answers, and a plan and was enlightened to receive so much more in addition to an exceptionally well-educated and professional doctor. Lorne thoroughly reviewed my complete health history and gave me a huge perspective on my journey and where my body — physically and mentally/emotionally — was. Near the end of medical school and in the midst of the match process for residency, I was now focused on yet another goal: starting a family. My mind was telling me one thing but my body was saying another. Ironically, it wasn’t until trying to conceive that I became a patient, was diagnosed with mild PCOS (thin type) and was forced to look at some type A patterns and habits that were not helping me achieve my fertility goal. I was used to working my plan and getting results — except this time the rug was pulled out from under me and I had no choice except to learn all I could about PCOS and fertility.

I didn’t want to become obsessed with getting pregnant and lose sight of the good life I have. Instead, I experienced a transformation in my thoughts and my reality using so many resources and tools provided by Lorne during my appointments. This process has become a journey about optimal health, not simply a destination to conceive, and I am more aware of my thoughts and behaviours and am more content than I was before trying to conceive. Acupuncture not only boosts mood, it helps direct blood flow to the uterus, which is excellent for libido — something that stress and productivity had reduced in me.

Instead of being envious of my pregnant friends and mothers, I feel incredibly grateful for what I already have (including uninterrupted sleep and spontaneous romantic holidays with my husband!). I know I’m ready to conceive when the time is right. Patience really is a virtue and I don’t have to be urgent about every single goal in my life. I have chosen to stick to my TCM protocol for a full six months and use clomiphene down the line if necessary. Lorne is so confident in you, the patient, and in his medicine, because he has seen the results of his work and understands the wisdom of the body. As a young doctor, I am inspired by his true interest and passion for his work, and hope that I can provide the same level of care in the future.