I Have A History Of Miscarriages

I have a history of miscarriages, having had one miscarriage attempting to conceive my first child, then another three miscarriages attempting to conceive our second child. After the last miscarriage, we found ourselves unable to conceive for over a year (which was a needed break from the miscarriages, but we were growing desperate that we would ever be able to have a second child).

Quite conservative by nature and training, I did not “buy in” entirely to the powers of acupuncture, but needed a break from the medical system and figured I had nothing to lose by trying the method. A friend had recommended Lorne Brown to me, saying that Lorne was extraordinarily skilled and experienced, yet had an understanding of Western medicine and patience for those of us for whom this experience would be a “stretch.” After all, Lorne was once an accountant…

At our first consultation, I felt immediately comfortable with Lorne, his associates and staff at Acubalance, and the atmosphere at the office. Lorne informed us that he expected positive results and that he would like us to wait three months before trying to conceive. On one hand, the 3-month wait was difficult because we were so eager to get pregnant “yesterday.” On the other hand, I could feel myself getting stronger and stronger as I focused on my health and made time for appointments, teas, and supplements (a needed rebalancing after having ignored my own health and well-being since my first child had been born two years before). I left my appointments feeling calm, rejuvenated, and even pampered. I felt very strongly that, even if I did not get pregnant, the experience would leave me stronger, healthier, and happier (as opposed to Western medicine fertility treatments which leave you feeling invaded and exhausted).

But exactly on Lorne’s schedule, I was pregnant on Month 3 ! And, more importantly, I carried that pregnancy to full term and am now absolutely delighted to have a gorgeous 3-month-old baby girl.

I cannot thank Lorne and his team enough and would recommend them without reservation to anyone looking for solutions to their fertility issues.