IVF Acupuncture Onsite Transfer Day Success Stories

It fills me up when I receive emails sharing the good news about your successful IVF cycles.

I stared offering IVF acupuncture onsite at the IVF clinics in Vancouver all the way back in 2002. And I still get excited (and nervous) 20 plus years later when I go onsite to Olive Fertility Centre to offer IVF acupuncture to support you on transfer day.

I am grateful so many people continue to put their trust and confidence in our Acubalance team and we appreciate how important and stressful this day can be so we are fully vested and present when we are scheduled to go onsite for your transfer day IVF Acupuncture treatment.

I wanted to share just some of the emails I received following the “two week” wait after transfer day. I have included some resources at the end for you to review as well.

Thanks Lorne! You were the best.

Secret : we have been testing positive since 4 days post. 

I believe your breathing and acupuncture after helped so much!!! 

10/10 recommend you to anyone!

Now going through this! Wish I lived in Vancouver to keeep seeing you guys!! 

???????????????????????? This bean continues to stick!!!

I wanted to update you from our cycle. We are currently 16 weeks pregnant with twins and so grateful we were able to get acupuncture before and after.

IM PREGNANT LORNE !!! Thank you for everything !!! You helped me relax and zen out and I am grateful for your help in this process:) Thanks again !!!

Thank you for your dedication to helping women secure their dreams in motherhood! I am one of many that because of you and Acubalance now have a beautiful 13 year old and am living my dream ❤️

I have shared below a few resources for you on how you can prepare for a successful upcoming IVF – FET cycle. You will see from reading the posts below that it takes a holistic and integrative approach to help optimize both egg and sperm quality and to support uterine receptivity for implantation success.

More on IVF acupuncture onsite at Olive Fertility Centre Success Stories.

Olive did a retrospective chart review for the period January 2016 to March 2018 of FET transfers that were screened for normal chromosomes.

Acubalance’s onsite laser acupuncture treatment protocol on Frozen Embryo transfer (FET) day for Comprehensive Chromosome Screened (CCS also known as PGT-A) embryos had a higher pregnancy rate and lower miscarriage rate than women that did not receive Acubalance treatments on-site at Olive Fertility Centre.

All transferred embryos were chromosomally tested to be normal. Olive did a retrospective analysis for the period January 2016 to March 2018 of FET transfers that were screened for normal chromosomes. They compared those who had onsite Acubalance laser acupuncture to those who did not. Patients receiving Acubalance onsite IVF laser acupuncture treatments had higher pregnancy rates and lower miscarriages compared to those who did not have onsite laser + acupuncture for chromosomally normal transferred embryos. And women who had a series of acupuncture and laser sessions leading up to transfer plus IVF acupuncture on transfer day had the highest success rate.

Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to grow your family.

Dr. Lorne Brown
Acubalance Founder & Clinical Director