Healthy Natural Pregnancy Despite Extremely Low AMH

Dear Acubalance Team

I have lost track of the number of times I’ve tried to write this letter. The truth is, words can’t describe the gratitude I feel towards the Acubalance team for the gift of our beautiful son. With the help of Acubalance, I was able to have a healthy natural pregnancy despite extremely low AMH

My husband and I had been together for over a decade when we decided we were ready to start a family. Both healthy, active and in our early 30s we just assumed we would get pregnant right away. After a year had passed with no success, we decided to run some precautionary tests to calm our nerves. Starting with the usual sperm sample and blood tests we were referred to the Olive Fertility clinic for further testing. From ovarian egg counts and a Hysterosalpingography exam to even more blood work, our spirits were starting to sink realizing we might be up against something larger then we had ever anticipated. Then I received the phone call no one wants to receive – the fertility clinic telling me my AMH levels were extremely low, so much so they were reflective of someone ten years my senior. With these results, the doctor concluded it would be highly unlikely we would conceive naturally and informed me that we had to be prepared we might not at all. This was hands down my darkest day.

The fertility clinic laid out our options for fertility treatment and as time was not on our side, they recommended based on my AMH levels we should strongly consider IVF. With a busy summer lined up and no doubt emotional, physical and monetary challenges ahead, we decided to take the summer off and begin treatments in the fall. The clinic suggested that some of their clients had found acupuncture helpful and passed along Acubalance’s information. At this stage, I felt we had nothing to lose, never having used acupuncture before; I decided to give it a shot.

Both my husband and I were of course nervous as we continued to come to terms with our reality. Thrown into a whole new world of infertility terminology, treatment options and additional tests, we were emotionally exhausted and felt defeated. We showed up on the first day to consult at Acubalance, share our story, and hope for a miracle!

I started going to treatments once a week. Right from the beginning, Acubalance felt like a safe place where I was able to be honest with how I was feeling, speak with someone who could provide knowledgeable feedback and offer solutions in a relaxing, calm environment. It was my one hour a week to face this challenge head on. In addition to the acupuncture treatments, I paid increased attention to my body, diet and lifestyle, making slight but important tweaks and changes. My husband and I were committed to give this option the best chance we could in a situation that felt so out of our control. With consultations, acupuncture treatments, supplements and herbs we went all in.

It was intense, emotional and lonely. But for the first time in a long time, I felt in control again.

Six weeks later, my period was late. I tested and to my surprise (and shock!) it was positive. Funnily enough, my practitioner found out before my husband did as I had an appointment that day and our entire treatment plan changed on the spot. I went from one extreme of infertility recommendations to the other of pregnancy resources, ultrasound bookings and wondering if I should be registering for daycares! It was an emotional rollercoaster that was handled so eloquently, compassionately and professionally. They had seen me in my darkest days and my highest of all highs. I continued my acupuncture treatments throughout the three trimesters. I wasn’t about to change things after we had gotten this far.

That spring, I gave birth to a happy, healthy, and beautiful baby boy. We conceived naturally which I genuinely feel has a lot to do with the care I received from Acubalance. They supported my healthy natural pregnancy despite extremely low AMH.

With our son recently turning one, I have once again been flooded with emotions, remembering the moment I became a mother after nearly two years of feeling it was never going to happen for us. Now I look at his sweet face and know we have been given the best gift one could ever ask for. I will be forever grateful to Acubalance for helping us achieve what we thought was the impossible for us.

Thank you Acubalance. Words really can’t describe the gift you have given our family. Something we will never take for granted.