In September 2002, I Had A Miscarriage.

In September 2002, I had a miscarriage. Following the D&C, my periods were very irregular – although I had struggled with irregular periods for years. I could go as much as four or five months without a period. I wanted to get pregnant again but was having difficulty with my fertility – and was also suffering from chronic hemorrhoids and yeast infections. I made a decision to try Chinese medicine and acupuncture and hooked up with Lorne Brown in February 2003. Lorne had asked me not to try to become pregnant for at least three months while he helped balance my systems to enhance my ability to conceive. He also warned me that it is normal to become impatient during the 3-month treatment protocol and that he would be available to address these concerns if they were to come up for me.

After one month, I was already feeling significantly better. I changed my diet as per Lorne’s recommendation (no more carbonated soft drinks, reduced my carbohydrates, and added essential fatty acids into my diet as well as vitamins and Chinese Herbs). By the third month, I became impatient (as Lorne had warned me from the onset), and I notified him that I did not want to continue the protocol any longer and that I was going to go on Clomid (a fertility drug). On my last appointment (end of May), Lorne took my pulse and notified me that it was a pregnancy pulse and adjusted his treatment that day to support my pregnancy in case I actually was pregnant. My husband and I had started trying on our own (without telling Lorne), but I wasn’t expecting to be pregnant just yet. Within two days of my appointment with Lorne, I got what I thought was my period (I later found out it was implantation bleeding).

I went on Clomid on days 5-9 and after feeling nausea symptoms and breast tenderness in mid-June I took a pregnancy test, which came out positive. I assumed that it was due to the Clomed until I had an ultrasound, which indicated that I had been pregnant when I met with Lorne at the end of May – before ever taking the Clomid. This left me with only one possible answer – the fertility treatment provided by Lorne Brown actually worked! I was very pleased with Lorne’s treatment throughout. I found that he was very understanding and supportive of my struggle between Eastern and Western medicine. I would continue to work with Lorne again during my pregnancy for hemorrhoids and/or yeast infections, and if I need help balancing my system again after the birth, I won’t hesitate to resume treatments again.