History Of Ectopic Pregnancies

I first saw Lorne at the Acubalance Wellness Centre on February 23rd, 2004, as I have a history of ectopic pregnancies. After a couple of ectopic pregnancies, my OB/GYN recommended that I go to see a fallopian tube specialist. I was nervous to go to the Infertility Clinic and had read that acupuncture sometimes helped couples that had difficulty achieving a viable pregnancy.

I spent one rainy Sunday searching the Internet and reading about Lorne Brown and the Acubalance Wellness Centre. I sent off my request, and Lorne contacted me immediately. Instantly, I was reassured by Lorne’s professionalism and booked an appointment for February 23rd. Coincidentally, the first day I saw Lorne was the first day of my cycle, so we began treatments immediately. He diagnosed and treated me with Chinese medicine patterns with herbs and weekly acupuncture treatments. He explained that both would help with my ovulation pain (a constant factor since the ectopics) and nagging PMS symptoms. Lorne explained the risk of having another ectopic pregnancy and that the local fertility clinic may have a procedure to help me minimize this risk. I decided that before my March 22nd appointment, I would work with Lorne to help prepare my body for a possible IVF treatment, and at the same time work to increase circulation around my tubes, and regulate the difficult symptoms I had with my menstrual cycle.

My First Appointment at Acubalance

Almost immediately after my first treatment, I started to feel better. I took the herbs every morning, saw Lorne once a week, and looked forward to the relaxation and great treatment that every appointment provided. I couldn’t believe it when my ovulation time came and went without even a twinge from my sore fallopian tubes. It was the first time in just under a year that I had ovulated without. I also felt more energetic than I had in months!

My cycle was fairly regular at 27 days, so when March 21st, 2004 came and went, I decided to buy a pregnancy test. On the morning of March 22nd, the same day as my appointment at UBC, I decided to take a pregnancy test – it was positive!! I couldn’t believe it and was fearful that my treatments hadn’t had adequate time to work and that the pregnancy might be stuck in one of my fallopian tubes again. Lorne asked me to stop taking the herbs and told me to go see my doctor right away. I kept my appointment at UBC, and instead of having the first meeting about my tubes that didn’t seem to be working properly, we talked about how to see if this pregnancy was viable.

After a week of testing my blood levels, it was time for the ultrasound where, with HCG levels over 3000, they can normally see a gestational sac in the uterus. I didn’t sleep the night before the ultrasound appointment and was terrified at the possibility of another ectopic. This time, however, the news was different – the baby was in my uterus and I am now 31 weeks pregnant and everything is progressing normally! I feel the baby’s kicks and hiccups all the time and am due on November 29th 2004.

Profound Gratitude

I have no doubt the reason I am now 31 weeks pregnant is due to Lorne and his team at the Acubalance Wellness Centre. I have seen Lorne during each trimester and look forward to each acupuncture treatment. Lorne has even helped me with some of the pregnancy-related back pain I have experienced. I know the acupuncture and herbal treatments helped to balance my body and in turn optimise the function of my entire reproductive system. I will continue to see Lorne, and my husband and I are forever grateful for the incredible treatment I received, and the miracle that ensued.