I Knew That It Would Take 6-12 Months For Me To Conceive

I wanted to take the opportunity to prepare my body for conception and met Lorne Brown. Lorne taught me many things concerning fertility that I did not learn in medical school. I knew that it would take 6-12 months for me to conceive. I began charting my temperature, getting regular acupuncture, and taking the herbs provided by Lorne. To my surprise, we became pregnant in two months! I had an uneventful pregnancy despite long work hours and many call nights. We now have a happy, healthy one-year-old daughter.

Since I know that it could take 6-12 months for me to conceive again, we’re revisiting our treatment plan. As we’re now ready to “try for number 2.” I am very disappointed that I am unable to receive treatments from Lorne, as my husband and I now live in Seattle. However, I am continuing the methods I learned from him and have started seeing an acupuncturist here in Seattle, recommended by Lorne.

I am so grateful, both as a mother and a physician, to have Lorne and his associates as consultants for myself and my patients.