Regular Period Equals Happy Pregnancy!

I first started seeing Ryan at Acubalance in January 2010.  Since a teenager, I have always had irregular/infrequent cycles which my doctor attributed to hormonal imbalances and diagnosed as oligomenorrhoea. At the time, my husband and I were not trying to get pregnant. However, we knew that we would want to start trying to conceive sometime within the next year. My main purpose for receiving acupuncture was to attempt to regulate my period so that when the time came, we would have an easier time conceiving. Throughout my treatment of weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs, not only did my cycles become more regular but I learned more about leading a healthier lifestyle and my body’s signs of ovulation and fertility. Further, I was also experiencing intermittent pain during intercourse (vulvodynia) and as an unexpected bonus, found that acupuncture reduced this. Come May 2010, we were ready to start the conception process and are happy to say that we are expecting our first child in February 2011! We are so grateful to have found Ryan and Acubalance and would encourage couples looking to conceive now or in the future to explore the many benefits of acupuncture.