Over 40 With High FSH And Conceived Naturally

I came to see Dr. Lorne Brown at 40 years old. Just six weeks prior, I had been through a devastating loss to preterm labor at 17 and half weeks. This was an IVF pregnancy. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for three and a half years. The fertility clinic told me I didn’t have a lot of time and urged me to not wait too long for another IVF cycle. They also told me that my chances were considerably lower this time because my FSH was now at 19. I chose to believe differently; I felt that if my body was pregnant once it will be pregnant again, regardless of my FSH or age. I also believed that I would become pregnant naturally and I wanted to waste no time so began working with Dr. Brown immediately. He was compassionate, gentle, and a wonderful listener. I began weekly acupuncture treatments and Herbs. Every time I drank that not-so-great-tasting herbal tea I would tell myself “this is for my baby.” Little did I know that I would be pregnant two months later. I was over 40 with high FSH and conceived naturally!

I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy up until the day of my labor. I now have a beautiful healthy son.

Thank you, Lorne, for helping me a women over 40 with high FSH conceive naturally :). You are an angel.