Goodbye Anxiety, Insomnia, and Sibo!

I was so excited to say goodbye anxiety, insomnia, and Sibo. I came to Acubalance in November 2017 after going through a
chemical pregnancy in October. I had come off birth control in April after 18
years on it and I wanted to try for my first baby.  I was 35 and felt the time
wasn’t on my side and felt pressure to get pregnant right away. My body was
struggling to detox from all the hormones and my cycles were all over the
place. I was on an emotional roller coaster and decided I needed help. A
friend suggested acupuncture and had heard of amazing success stories from
Acubalance. I began having weekly sessions and was given a protocol of
Chinese herbs and other supplements, which I followed religiously. After many
sessions, I was noticing improvement but when certain symptoms didn’t improve
so my practitioner referred me to Kali MacIsaac, the clinic’s naturopath, to
investigate. I had been suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and digestive issues
since I was a teenager and conventional medicine diagnosed me with IBS. After
thorough testing with Kali I discovered I had SIBO (small intestinal
bacterial overgrowth) I was so shocked! All these years I had suffered
unnecessarily when I could’ve had a diagnosis from one appointment with an
ND. Things were moving along. I was feeling confident and good that I was
starting to “fix” my body. I had felt broken for so long. I was diagnosed in
March 2018 and put on 2 courses of antibiotics followed by a strict diet for
2 months. It was hard but I was determined to experience what “normal” felt
like. Thanks to the personal care and attention at Acubalance, I am now
pregnant with my first baby and am 5 months along. I feel healthy and am able
to eat whatever I want without getting sick. I can sleep and my anxiety is
under control. I will be forever grateful for the treatment I received and
the practitioners here will always hold a special place in my heart.