Acupuncture And TCM For Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

After two failed pregnancies resulting in miscarriages and no answers as to why I could not help but feel discouraged and alone. I blamed myself for what happened and would cry myself to sleep thinking that my dream of motherhood would never be fulfilled. I remember walking into Ryan’s office feeling depressed and thinking: is this really going to work? But at that point, I told myself that it won’t hurt to try! Ryan shared how his treatment plan would include acupuncture and TCM for recurrent pregnancy loss.

For me, getting pregnant was not the issue, it was maintaining the pregnancy. After Ryan had assessed me, we came to the conclusion that my body needed to be “warmed up” as the blood circulation in my body was not the best. My hands and feet would always be super cold. He started me on fish oils, vitamins, acupuncture once a week, and eventually on Chinese herbs – yummy – lol! I felt such an improvement not only physically, but mentally as well. My co-workers even noticed a change in me, telling me that I was a lot calmer at work and not as stressed. I looked forward to my treatments each week and chatting with Ryan. Finally, after three months of treatment, my husband and I started trying again. I still remember Ryan telling me to be positive but not to get my hopes up too high in case I didn’t get pregnant right away….

BUT I DID!!  We still were very cautious but I made it past the 7th week and then the 20th week, etc. I had my precious baby girl a few weeks ago and it’s all thanks to Dr. Ryan Funk and his team! You were so friendly and made me feel very comfortable in sharing my thoughts and feelings, which I don’t do very often with people.I am very thankful for what I have now and will be back to acubalance for Baby Number 2. Once again, thank you, Ryan for my acubalance baby 🙂