Thanks To Acupuncture And Diet, We Conceived Naturally Just Before Starting IVF Treatments

My husband and I were devastated by the realization we would have to undergo IVF to conceive a child. It was after meeting you and learning what Acubalance had to offer in terms of increasing fertility knowledge, guidance in changes to our diet, and most importantly the power of acupuncture in support of IVF, I firmly believe our outlook changed and ultimately our path to starting a family. With my weekly treatments, I experienced a noticeable decrease in my stress level and anxiety in preparing for IVF. In the end, we cannot say what tipped the scale – the acupuncture, the diet, or ?? but it was a small little miracle we conceived naturally on practically the Eve of our first IVF treatment. I chose to continue with acupuncture throughout my pregnancy because of the positive experience and dedicated support you provided. Acupuncture gave me focus and
calmness as I started on my path to motherhood. I am so grateful and excited to announce our baby boy Aiden arrived on Friday, January 30 healthy and happy to be here in this world. Looking back I am so thankful for the support Acubalance provided to me. Please feel free to share these words and hope they will help someone else who was in our position a little less than a year ago.