Natural Pregnancy On The Eve Before My IVF!

When my husband and I decided to have another baby, we assumed it would be easy, as it had only taken one month to get pregnant with our first. And it was until we miscarried at about five or six weeks along. After the miscarriage, we actively tried for a year and a half without success.  We were lost and felt discouraged. Our Dr.’s were of little help, and although we had been referred to a gynecologist, we got nowhere. Our Doctors said we just needed to try longer. Now I can happily say we achieved a natural pregnancy on the eve before my IVF.

A friend referred us to Dr. Ryan Funk for fertility acupuncture.  I had heard about it, but really wasn’t sure how it could help my husband and I conceive. From our first meeting, Ryan’s knowledge and heartfelt approach to our personal care was AMAZING.  We went from feeling absolutely lost to having a plan in place that made us feel great.  He genuinely cared about helping us and we were so thankful.  Our first appointment was in January, and he treated me regularly for 7 months at which time we conceived naturally with only acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs.  We could have succeeded earlier, but I decided to get Lasik during this timeframe and couldn’t get pregnant for 3 months.   

Earlier in the year we also started working with Olive Fertility Centre in Vancouver.  I loved how Ryan had such a great working relationship with this clinic and was able to support any treatment given to us from Olive Fertility Centre.  We were planning on starting an IVF cycle in August – and we were thrilled to succeed naturally on our own during our last natural cycle with the help of Ryan.  

When we first started working with Ryan I had no idea how much acupuncture could support conception and healthy pregnancy.  I can’t say enough about Dr. Ryan Funk’s care and expertise. I’d recommend him again and again, and will absolutely be calling him when we’re planning for any future children.   Thank you!