Healthy Baby Boy After Two Years

A friend of mine told me about Acubalance over two years ago. She had successfully had both her babies who were breech turned around by acupuncture treatments at Acubalance. She also had heard that acupuncture treatment helps prevent miscarriage. And I can say it’s true! I have a healthy baby boy after two years and several miscarriages.

I was pregnant for the third time when I decided to give it a try. I felt for the first time that somebody was taking a real look at why I wasn’t staying pregnant. My first visit felt very thorough.  Dr. Brown asked about my thyroid and if I had it tested. It turned out that it was considered on the high side of normal when I wasn’t pregnant and immediately went high when pregnant. I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but didn’t have a clue that this was a problem or that it could be a contributing factor. I was always cold, losing tons of hair, and had ongoing joint pain. In fact, that is how I knew I was pregnant again — I would get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Unfortunately, I miscarried again shortly after my second visit. I returned to Acubalance about a month later and decided to make a clean start. I completed a cleanse, had regular acupuncture treatments and herbs, and got my thyroid sorted out. Over a three-month period, my body started to feel better, healthier, etc. My diet and exercise regime also improved and the first time we decided to try again, I got pregnant right away. It felt different from all the other pregnancies; for once, I didn’t have any joint pain and I positively was overjoyed when I felt nauseous. I stayed with Acubalance for another three months. I felt totally supported and that I had the Acubalance team looking out for me and who could tell immediately if I was looking “balanced” or not.

Acubalance gave me the confidence that my body was working optimally when I did get pregnant. If we decide to have another baby, I will absolutely go back to Acubalance; the belief I have in them and the support I felt made a huge difference for me. I would recommend them to anyone who is having issues with pregnancy or anyone who wants peace of mind that their body is in the optimal state for a healthy pregnancy.