From One To 8 Follicles!

I’m so grateful to Acubalance!

After an adventurous journey to getting pregnant, it happened, we went from one to 8 follicles! And now I’m 15 weeks pregnant (I am 40 years young J ) and I/we are over the moon with the arrival of our baby!

Dr. Lorne Brown was my practitioner at Acubalance for more than three years to help me regulate my cycle and overall health. I can’t express how grateful I am for having his support and being his patient through all these years.  My health improved a lot right away, and my cycle became regulated (goodbye PMS)! And I eventually stopped needing to come regularly.

More or less one year after my Acubalance break, we decided to get on track again as we wanted to have a baby and it was taking too long.   At that time we found that I only had one follicle in one of my ovaries.  It was a very sad time for us, but we never gave up. At that time, my husband was looking at our books about getting pregnant, when he read on “The Infertility Cure – The ancient Chinese Wellness Program for getting pregnant and having healthy babies” (by Randine Lewis) Book that women can always improve the number of follicles by using acupuncture.

So, the next day we contacted again Lorne at Acubalance.  He scheduled an appointment for us for the next day! Lorne is a very busy doctor, but generously (as always) he gave us some of is time for us to talk with him! In that appointment, my husband and I talk about the huge concern of having only one follicle and like we read in the book Lorne said the same, that women can improve their number of follicles and eggs with acupuncture, diet, etc. He also gave me an acupuncture treatment right way. While I was having my treatment he took my husband to talk with the Acubalance’s naturopath practitioner Dr. Kali MacIssac 

(Kali started to work at Acubalance while I did my break time that I explained above).  On that same day, suggested by Lorne I did a big change in my diet. 

That appointment with Lorne was very important for us, we left Acubalance totally feeling supported and with hope. We knew it was time to put all our effort and love together again for us to get pregnant. Also to have a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby and healthy mummy (right Lorne ! 🙂

So, we decided that we needed to put together a team of diverse pregnancy experts, including our main support, Acubalance,  to trust my pregnancy journey to in helping me get pregnant.

So I restarted with acupuncture and Chinese herbs mainly with  Lorne, but also with the amazing Bronwyn Melville

Plus tests and nutritional IV treatments with Kali. I must mention also the great professional and person that Kali is. Like all team in Acubalance she is a very present, knowledgeable professional, and caring soul.

After 5 months I did another ultrasound, and I had 8 follicles in my ovaries! We went from one to 8 follicles!

Lorne Brown was right, you can improve the number and quality of your follicles and eggs in a short period of time with acupuncture, naturopath treatment, and diet!

We had more support besides the Acubalance team for our wish to come true, getting pregnant. And we are very grateful to all of them. But one thing I’m sure, I wouldn’t be pregnant if it wasn’t for Acubalance practitioners’ work and support.

 I also want to mention the admin staff at Acubalance they always made me feel welcomed and cared for.

Thank you all with all my heart.