My Husband And I Had Been Trying To Conceive For Years

I had never been pregnant and my husband and I had been trying to conceive for years. After trying on our own (using a fertility thermometer to check for ovulation), we had no luck. At age 36, I began to worry. After blood work on day 3 and day 21 of my cycle, it was confirmed that I did not ovulate. My fallopian tubes were checked for blockage, but everything was clear. It was then that my GYN recommended that we move to the next step, which was insemination. After three failed attempts of insemination, we were advised to look into IVF. [What followed was] one failed IVF cycle with only one egg fertilizing out of two and one canceled IVF cycle due to poor follicular response to the hormone therapy. The “Western” diagnosis from the infertility clinic was that my eggs were of too poor quality and that our only option for having a child was through donor eggs or adoption. We were devastated.

However, we were not willing to give up hope and went to see a naturopath who diagnosed me with copper in my ovaries. With his help, the copper was flushed from my body and he said that he had done everything that he could for me. In his mind, there was nothing else preventing us from getting pregnant. About a week later, his office called me and told me of a seminar that Lorne was holding on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I went as I was grasping at any hope there was. There was a two-month period before we saw Lorne and by that time I had finished with the naturopath. Unfortunately, during this time we were unable to conceive.

My Journey with Acubalance

My husband and I visited Lorne shortly after my 38th birthday. Upon seeing Lorne, we were both treated with a combination of acupuncture and herbs as my husband had sperm that required improvement based on his past lab test. I received eleven acupuncture treatments over the next three months as well as meridian balancing treatments during my last two visits. My husband came for the first seven weeks on a weekly basis and then stopped acupuncture treatments due to the conflict with his work schedule. We both received powder herbal formulas taken two to three times daily in tea form over a three-month period. Lorne had asked us not to try to conceive during fertile times during the three-month treatment protocol, as the chances of a miscarriage were higher before the three-month period was finished.

Once the three-month pre-conception period was over, we were asked to try to conceive. Sure enough, we got pregnant on our first attempt. I am now in my 21st week of pregnancy and am confident carrying our baby to term because the treatments allowed us to conceive naturally. We have had some friends skeptical about our success and have attributed our pregnancy to “good timing.” We know otherwise! Lorne was able to rebalance the flow of Qi and restore health and well-being to both of us so that we were able to conceive.

Thank you, Lorne!