After Donor Egg Suggested I Was Able To Have My Own Baby

After many years of trying for a family naturally and not conceiving my husband and I decided to try fertility treatments. Following 6 unsuccessful IUI procedures and 1 unsuccessful IVF we were emotionally and financially drained. After donor egg suggested I was able to have my own baby with the help of Acubalance.

In 2012 I came across an article online about a woman who got pregnant after 3 months of dietary changes, an exercise regime, and also acupuncture treatments at Acubalance. The next day I called and made an appointment.

At Acubalance I met Dr. Ryan Funk, who turned out to be the most knowledgeable, compassionate, and helpful person I had met up to this point in the fertility business. We had been told by a doctor at the IVF clinic that my FSH level at 10.7 was too high and my AMH level at 0.8 was too low and they suggested an egg donor. Not willing to give up hope yet on having our own baby my husband and I decided we would both go to Dr. Ryan Funk for weekly acupuncture treatments. With Ryan’s guidance, we cut wheat, dairy, soy, and caffeine out of our diets and began a daily routine of going for hour-long walks together. Also, Ryan prescribed Chinese herbal medicine that I drank daily. After three months my FSH level had dropped to 9.4. Motivated by this news we continued the treatments and our new lifestyle for another three months and then went to measure the levels once more. My FSH level had dropped to 6.9 and my AMH had gone up to 1.4 !! Amazing!!

Later that month I started my IVF cycle and as it progressed we were to learn that my eggs were of excellent quality – far better than they had been during the other treatments. 

After years of worrying, stress, and feeling like we were running out of time, we had now finally found hope. On May 21 2014 we welcomed a beautiful and healthy 9.5 lb baby boy to our family. 

The joy of being parents is priceless. I think of how close we were to giving up and how lucky we were to have found and worked with Ryan as he was truly the one that made this happen.  We will be forever grateful from the bottom of our hearts – all three of us!