Fertility Issues, Acubalance makes a difference!

Fertility Issues

I think when WE guys hear the words “fertility issues,” we tend to look for ways to fix what’s broken. My wife and I have been through the grinder and every test conceivable (<-yeah it’s a pun) for Western medicine. There was no easy fix for what was quickly starting to look like an “infertile couple.” Our last option was surrogacy but we still needed healthy eggs from my wife and good sperm from me to proceed. We asked around about what we could do to increase our chances of having success with creating healthy embryos. Acubalance was mentioned a few times so we gave it a whirl.

It really was the best advice anyone gave us. We went for a few months of treatment and, in tandem with a fertility clinic, created several healthy embryos as a result. We now have a little girl that has just turned one. We can’t thank Lorne, and his staff enough for helping us. They make a difference. We are currently revisiting Acubalance in Vancouver in the hopes of having a second child.

Lastly, I encourage all couples to BOTH go for acupuncture at Acublance, they make a difference.  So often I see women at the fertility clinic and at Acubalance on their own. I think it’s important for both partners to be there and go through the experience together.  

Thank you, Acubalance!