I Wish I Had Gone To Acubalance Sooner…

The first thing I have to say is that I wish I had gone to Acubalance sooner than I did. I am 42, have led a very healthy life, and am now 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl but it took me (us) two somewhat agonizing years to get here. I credit our pregnancy to the peace/joy and balance that we had in the latter part of these two years, in large part to my (our) experiences with Acubalance.

My wife and I started the journey to motherhood when I was 40. Using a fertility clinic (donor insemination), we were fortunate enough to get pregnant the second time we tried but sadly lost the baby 6.5 weeks later. We then tried 5 or 6 more times (within which time I had a chemical pregnancy) before the fertility clinic called and asked us what we wanted to do; they were strongly supporting the IVF option. This sent me into a bit of a panic. I consider myself a strong woman but with something as tender as wanting to create a baby my thoughtfulness was weakened by hearing from the doctors who are supposed to “in the know” that “your eggs are old… you should use donor eggs… maybe you should adopt….” We decided to do IVF not researching enough about it, and later realized (three failed attempts which included another lost pregnancy) that we had spent far too much money trying when we should have just kept trying the donor insemination route with alternative support. Of course, we now see that the grief of our losses compounded with the instilled fear of perhaps getting too old to conceive through donor insemination fed this decision.

We wish someone had suggested we do whatever we could to improve my egg quality through acupuncture instead of trying to force nature (IVF). In hindsight, we should have done six months of acupuncture and then tried. With IVF, you are using the same eggs that would naturally be ovulated so if I had looked at it that way, we would not have bothered. 

The first thing I noticed with acupuncture was that my outlook improved. The sessions relieved my anxiety and depression and I found the sessions to be very helpful and relaxing. Acubalance instilled positivity, hope, and confidence in me, which felt absolutely wonderful.  I believe that the increased blood flow that acupuncture stimulates, the relaxation, and the support by believing that a woman can get pregnant after 40 with her own healthy eggs was an extraordinary help. Acubalance was (and still is) a great resource and my wife and I are deeply grateful to them.

While I wish I had gone to Acubalance sooner, we are so grateful for finding them when we did~ We tried absolutely everything under the sun to get pregnant and now know in our hearts that coming to see you consistently was the one thing that made all the difference in the world.