Flash Back To My Fertility Journey

The other day I had a flash back to my fertility journey. For almost three years, Acubalance was my second home, where I found peace and gained control of my health, and improved my well-being week after week. I had the most amazing pregnancy and easy birth only because of the unconditional support I received from unbelievably kind and caring Ryan.

Yes, Dr. Ryan Funk, what can I say? I will never be able to thank you enough, so I won’t even try. I just say this amazing doctor and incredible human being is the one who made my dream of being a mom come true.

I posted my story over a year ago, shortly after my son’s birth, and now I am writing this remembering the journey I took to become a mother after years of thinking this was never going to happen.

Once again, thanks Ryan for pulling us through fire and getting us to the end, I wouldn’t have had that much strength without your support and encouragement. 

To all those reading this, I hope you’ll never have to look for help in your journey to parenthood, but if you do, at Acubalance, you’ll see so many people with so many different conditions being cared for so well and with so much compassion.

I know how much you want to make this happen, so trust me when I say this, I know it’s not easy and in fact could be very frustrating and very painful,  but you are in great hands. Go to Acubalance, and talk to Dr. Ryan; they know what you need to do.

I will continue to read these stories hoping that yours will be the next one that brings tears of joy into my eyes!

“Best of health” & “Keep swimming” xoxo