Canceled Back Surgery – A Laser Acupuncture Success Story

I believe in medicine. Sometimes it requires eating an “apple a day” and other times surgery. I, like my patients, usually prefer the less invasive procedures. Surgery and cortisone injections, in my opinion, and many of my esteemed colleagues, should be a last resort. Meling had the good fortune while on holiday in Vancouver to receive a non-invasive treatment for back pain and herniated disc which included cold laser acupuncture (low-level laser therapy – LLLT) along with neuropuncture before going under the knife she had scheduled. Thanks to LLLT with acupuncture, the pain management was so successful she feels confident enough to cancel her surgery for a complete fusion of the spinal joint.

What I think made Meling’s treatment so successful was the combination of therapies used. Here at Acubalance, we are firm believers in implementing the best strategies of Eastern and Western medicine and personalizing them into specific treatment plans for each patient. In Meling’s case, I used a laser therapy (LLLT)  protocol specific for the lumbar spine along with acupuncture designed to heal musculoskeletal and nerve pain called Neuropuncture, a unique acupuncture system pioneered by Dr. Michael Corradino. 

“…. I wanted to update you that I have canceled my back surgery (laminectomy and fusion of L4-S1) that was originally scheduled for July 25th!!!

My symptoms have improved significantly over the last little while. While in Vancouver, I experienced several days of no pain and increased mobility in my low back following the acupuncture and laser sessions with you at Acubalance. I’m happy to report that since continuing acupuncture treatments back at home in Toronto, I no longer have any numbness in my toes and experience much less discomfort in my low back and right leg, as well as longer periods during the day where I don’t notice any discomfort at all!! 

A month later I was ecstatic to hear that the results from the treatment were continuing to have their impact on Meling. Along with receiving continuing acupuncture treatments and the implementation of a personal training program, Meling has continued to feel relief from the back pain that was once debilitating.  As I mentioned above, surgery may be an appropriate intervention in many cases but it is important to exhaust less invasive procedures first since especially since it is hard to impossible to reverse the surgery.

In health,

Allison Locke