Told I Needed IVF But Now I’m Pregnant Naturally!!

I’m truly grateful for all of Ryan’s help and support. My husband and I had been trying to have a child with no success. After many years of experiencing infertility, we decided to go to a fertility clinic for a full workup. They diagnosed me with endometriosis and suggested we begin clomid. We began to use clomid in combination with IUI’s but these were equally disappointing. We were told by the fertility clinic that in our situation, we would need to do an IVF to achieve a pregnancy. We didn’t want to pursue this at this time so we decided to see Dr. Ryan Funk. Ryan was able to give me hope that I could restore my fertility and decrease the pain of my cycles. He explained to me that our goal was not a pregnancy but a healthy child. By getting my cycles and my physical and mental health optimized, I would obtain a pregnancy easier. During the time of treatment, I would keep trying to get pregnant naturally and once I was ready, I could begin an IVF if I felt I needed. With the use of Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and diet/nutritional adjustments, I started my treatment.

I began to notice changes in my cycle. Not only did my period improve but they also became more regular. These changes were so encouraging. I had not had such great periods since I was much younger and after four months of treatment, I fell pregnant naturally!!  Ryan’s help and support during these months were so amazing. He helped calm my nerves when I was anxious or upset and made me feel comfortable. I couldn’t ask for more from a TCM doctor. Ryan went above and beyond for me. I still see Ryan and I am currently six months pregnant. He still helps me when my anxiousness gets the best of me. I would highly recommend Ryan for any type of infertility issue. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for Ryan’s help during my fertility journey.