Fibroid And Endometriosis Treated With Laser Acupuncture

Hello everyone. I was asked to share my story so others could learn about some of the non-mainstream treatment options to help with fertility. I couldn’t deny the request because I do know the feeling of not being alone and renewed hope when you browse through the numerous testimonies, to read something that is similar to what you are experiencing. Been there and done that.. So here it is…fibroid And endometriosis treated with laser acupuncture – now I’m 20 weeks pregnant

My first pregnancy had ended by 6 weeks and it was a shattering moment. Soon after that, I got to know that I had fibroids and an ovarian cyst. I was shattered again. Because I always feared having fibroids and cysts and of course, nobody wants to undergo a miscarriage ever. I was put under medications to shrink the cysts, basically to see if they were endometriosis. As you might be aware, having an endometrial cyst means your chances to conceive gets tougher. So, such was my case when I heard about Acubalance.

“My 3 month program ended in August and I conceived the very next month. I’m in my 20th week now, with everything going as it should.”

One of my husband’s acquaintances spoke highly about Acubalance. My husband being someone who practices acupuncture, does believe that acupuncture would give us a better chance to conceive, provided we follow other rules of healthy lifestyle and exercise.

We decided to visit Acubalance and see what our options were. No doctor or therapist will tell you that their treatment is foolproof. Neither did Acubalance. They never gave me false hope. They always told me to have faith and follow the treatment with an open mind. In Chinese medicine, it’s a belief that having faith in yourself and your treatment supports your body’s innate ability to heal.

I was looked after by two amazing Clinicians – Dr. Ryan Funk and Allison Locke – under their 3 month Laser Baby Program. The program used both Acupuncture and Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT – Laser acupuncture). Both Ryan and Allison were very professional and always had an ear for my concerns and worries. 

My 3 months program ended in August and I conceived the very next month. I’m in my 20th week now, with everything going just right with God’s grace.

I’m so happy to share this success story with everyone. I wouldn’t say blindly believe my words. I would rather ask you to visit Acubalance and see it for yourself.