I Thought We Would Never Be Parents.

My husband and I were quite hopeless after trying for over a year and not being able to conceive.  I thought we would never be parents. We had seen great comments from others working with Ryan and were thrilled to meet him.

Ryan has a super calm demeanour and is extremely knowledgeable.  I soon realized that I was in great hands.  Ryan recommended diet changes along with acupuncture.  He somehow managed to get me to stop drinking smoothies for breakfast!  I’m very stubborn when it comes to diet changes and never imagined having eggs and spinach in the morning and giving up coffee.  Ryan was amazing at keeping me on track but he did it so gently that I didn’t mind the changes.  In less than a week, I was already used to my new routine and enjoying it.

I would go to my appointments with a ton of questions and he was always so patient and respectful.  Going through infertility makes you feel very anxious and lonely.  Ryan was the person we trusted the most and felt we could go to him without being judged.    

He also recommended that I see Ashley who is one of the naturopaths at Acubalance.  I had never talked to a naturopath before so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I met with Ashley twice and every time I learned so much about the importance of different vitamins and herbs.  She is very informative and really cares about her patients.  She prescribed Vitex for me on my last cycle and I strongly believe it was one of the things that helped me get pregnant. 

We did 2.5 months of acupuncture + 2 naturopath appointments before the pandemic happened.  We were frustrated as to what to do with the city pretty much shutting down.  2 weeks later I took a test on a whim and got a beautiful positive pregnancy test!  

I look back and remember those days where I thought we would never be parents.  It is definitely possible when you are in good care!  To those currently trying and feeling defeated, I’d say listen to everything Ryan and Ashley say and do not lose hope!  

I would highly recommend both Ryan and Ashley to anyone going through infertility.  Not only am I pregnant with our first baby at the age of 35, I also feel so much better now than I did before.  I suffered from chronic bloating prior to seeing Ryan.  Following his advice, I eliminated gluten, caffeine, dairy and processed sugar from my diet and my stomach pains and bloating are completely gone!

We can’t thank Ryan and Ashley enough for what they have done for us.  They go above and beyond to make sure that you get the absolute best care possible.