Thank You For Helping Us Become Pregnant

Darryl and I just wanted to write to you and say “thank you” for helping us become pregnant with our little miracle. From the time I wrote you, Lorne, and spoke to you on the phone, I felt that we were in good hands. During our first consult with the IVF clinic, we were told that due to my ovarian cysts and my husband’s male factor issues, our chances weren’t good.

I needed to get those cysts removed before we would be allowed into the program. This was step one. Lorne, you helped prepare my body for surgery, and my recovery was remarkable. When the ultrasound tech looked at my ovaries post-op, she couldn’t believe how healthy they looked. The advice you and your staff provided to Darryl and me was invaluable. As was advice that you provided to an acupuncturist in Regina, as we lived so far away. This enabled me to get treatments even though I was not in Vancouver. I know the acupuncturist here really appreciated the advice.

During the IVF protocol, you reassured us that all was going well, and it was. A woman my age (especially with my surgery) wasn’t supposed to be able to have all those eggs!! I felt next-to-no side effects from all the IVF drugs and responded so well.

When it was time for ET, I was relaxed with the treatments, both before and after. The advice was again provided to reassure us that what I was feeling was normal, and not to worry. Obviously, it worked as we will be meeting our little one soon! Thanks again to all of you! We will be sending you a picture of her as soon as she is born. To anyone else considering IVF or just having fertility problems, please take the time to sit down and talk to Acubalance. They have so much to offer couples struggling with infertility. We believe that this is the difference between a positive pregnancy test and a negative one!