Fertility – A Lot Of Questions And A Lot Of Support

Dr. Lorne Brown at Acubalance has provided ongoing long-distance support and advice to my fertility journey since I first stepped into Acubalance in January 2011. I cannot imagine how I would feel by this point without having Lorne as my go-to person with endless questions on an “as-need” basis. I was and still am doing almost everything conceivable to try to conceive (no pun intended!), meanwhile going through a complete fertility work-up with my husband (oh fun!). But Lorne’s support and knowledge have helped me see this not as an obstacle but as an adventure and an opportunity to learn more about fertility medicine, my body, and how I/we really cope with an emotional challenge as charged and mysterious as infertility can be. We managed three years of long-distance marriage while school and work separated us so we must be able to manage this.

I was treated at Acubalance for two months before we had to move cities when I started at a new fertility clinic and searched for comparable acupuncture (it doesn’t exist!). Inadvertently I received a second medical opinion about our subfertility, and despite working in the medical field, I didn’t feel that I was given enough info. by my fertility doctor. In our case, a bit of mild PCOS, a few too many but not an impossible number of abnormal sperm (depends on which fertility doctor you ask), has created a clear as mud scenario of why no baby yet.

I email and call Lorne after trials of Clomid, before and after appointments with my doctor, asking for his advice on medications, treatment timelines, lab tests, TCM principles, symptoms, you name it. He works with fertility doctors and understands their theory, and he has treated a lot of patients. I don’t expect to hear back on the weekends but he always makes time to call. He can be incredibly efficient yet not sacrifice presence in his work.

I wanted to share this so that clients can know how much more they get at Acubalance than simply wonderful acupuncture and eye pillows and herbs and TLC. Time is too precious and there is too much to learn and understand when experiencing infertility.

Thank you again, Lorne and Acubalance!